Making Your House a Home w/o Paying Later



The bedroom walls are non-standard materials.  Please do not paint or nail anything into these walls.  Doing so could cause the replacement of the whole wall.


While it may seem like a safe bet, using adhesives like those made by 3M, could cost you a lot more than a tack hole.


A small number of small tack holes is acceptable. 3M strip pulling the paint off the wall down to the drywall like the image is not acceptable.

Why to NOT use adhesives on walls

While the Ice House floors are just sealed concrete, abrasive surfaces and sharp objects can cause damage. Avoid making a repair or being charged and put furniture pads on the bottom of all your furniture. They are easy to clean with just a damp mop, no need to use a large amount of water and soap.  This will actually leave a film on the floor that ends up being sticky over time.  Make it easy on yourself!




You are responsible for any excessive damage to walls, doors, woodwork, appliances, ceilings or fixtures.  Unless you are very confident in your repair skills, do not attempt to fix major damage. If the work is not done to our standard, you will be charge for whatever the cost to get it to our standard. Sometimes attempting to fix it yourself will cost you in the long run.

Please remember you have neighbors. If you, an invited guest or even an uninvited guest disturb your neighbors, you could be subject to fines and more. Be familiar with the disturbances section of the rules and regulations.


If unauthorized pets are found in your apartment and you have not completed a Pet Addendum with Mary, a fine of $100 will be assessed to each tenant occupying the unit for each occurrence and you will be considered to be in violation of your lease. Pet lease or no pet lease, you are responsible for any and all damage caused by any pets. You are subject to additional fines of $50 per occurrence for any pet waste left on the premises. Keep the Harrisonburg Ice House and downtown looking beautiful, pick up after your pet!

Smoking is prohibited inside the Ice House


Some Ice House Apartment windows will come with sheers attached to cables.  If you choose NOT to use these and prefer your own, please store the provided sheers until you decide to move out.

Locks CANNOT be changed without written permission.


You will be fined a minimum of $50 for improper disposal/placement of trash.

Please DO NOT stuff items into the trash and recycling chutes. Remember large boxes need to be broken down into smaller pieces that can easily fit into the chute WITHOUT being folded. Folded boxes expand once they are in the chute and are often the cause of clogs. Thank you for your cooperation!


do not drill anything into the concrete, pillars or cinder

blocks, this is history

that you are marring.

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