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Matchbox exists to connect People with Property that fits their needs.


It is our goal to have superior and memorable experiences with every owner, client, customer, tenant, and vendor that we interact with. We measure success by being able to help those that have given us the opportunity to serve them. Relationships are not built on one transaction or one experience and neither is our business.

Matchbox Realty Team

Matchbox Realty awarded as the first and only property management company with the E2 designation on the facility-based track, promoting the use of environmental management systems (EMS) and pollution prevention from Virginia Environmental Excellence Program. This has not changed how we do business, it is just how we have done things from the beginning of Matchbox. Find out more!


Ice House Safety


We know safety is your number one concern with your young adult. The Harrisonburg Ice House has taken several measures to ensure safety.


Video Entry System

The Video Entry System ensures that all guests are invited into the building by another tenant. Use the video to see who is buzzing your unit before you let them in. See the Video Entry System in action at the Urban Exchange.


Key FOB Access

Individual key FOBs are given to each tenant upon move in. This FOB only grants access to those individuals that are residents of the Ice House.


Sprinklers Throughout

Fires can happen anywhere. Having a home with a sprinkler system reduces the risk of catastrophic fires by 50%.

Joint Lease vs Individual Lease


In a Joint Account all people listed as Tenant are equally and severally liable for performance of the lease and will be held liable for all payments due or damage done to a property. In an Individual Account the individual is only liable for performance of their share of the lease and will only be held liable for their share of the payments and their share of damage done to a property.

Joint vs Individual Lease Diagram

What is a Guaranty of Lease?


A Guarantor is someone over the age of 18 and someone with a physical address in the United States that agrees to pay rent/damages if the tenant fails to pay, also know as a cosigner. Most students can not qualify for a lease on their own income. In order for them to be on an individual lease, they need a guarantor. Completing the Guaranty of Lease Agreement for your student, will make you a Guarantor for only them. Anyone else in the unit will need to also complete a Guaranty of Lease Agreement if they are not able to qualify for a lease based on their income. In most cases, everyone in a unit needs to complete the agreement in order to be on individual leases rather than a joint lease.




Please check out the instructions on how to complete this agreement so there are not  any issues at move in time. This form can be mailed or faxed in, however we prefer email so that we can ensure we have your correct email address. We will be sure to include you on any important emails we send to your student.

Sample Forms


We want you to be informed about the legal contracts your young adult is signing into. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the legal contracts that are being agreed to by visiting the Sample Forms page on OffCampusHousing.com. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to explain anything in any of these documents.


You can also watch the Mathcbox Realty Leasing Video we require every new tenant to watch prior to entering into these agreements. After  watching the video, their property manager will answer any questions from the video, go over anything that may have changed in the the Virginia Association of Realtors lease from the time of filming and go over any additional details that are specific to the Harrisonburg Ice House.

Things You Will Need In Your New Apartment


Ice House Apartments come mostly unfurnished, however, all units include a mirrored cabinet. Most units include a chopping block island with a floating pot rack.


  • If you are renting a studio apartment with a Murphy’s bed, you will want to bring a Queen sized mattress only. The bed DOES NOT need a box spring.
  • When buying a shower curtain for your apartment, you may want to wait until you move in so you can measure the distance from the rod to the floor and then ADD a couple of inches.  Remember that this length will be the length of your shower curtain plus the length of your hooks.


Is this a first apartment for your young adult? My First Apartment created this great checklist of things to bring to when moving into a first place.

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