So Long, Farewell

Move out time can be stressful! We want to help ease some of that stress! We want you to get the most back on your security deposit. At end of the lease you are expected to leave your Ice House apartment in as good condition as it was at the beginning of your lease. Reasonable wear and tear is acceptable. However, reasonable wear and tear does not include necessary replacement of burnt out light bulbs, HVAC filters, burner pans, or dead smoke detector batteries per your lease. Below are a few things that often get overlooked at move out time and can help save you from getting a bill rather than a check.


Personal Property


Clean Your Apartment!


Clean your apartment including, but not limited to, walls, appliances, cabinets, ceilings, floors, baseboards, fans, furniture, toilets, sinks and tubs. It is easier to clean up once a week than it is to get the apartment back in shape if you never clean expect when you move out!

Needing excessive maid service to clean your apartment after you move is one of the most frequent causes of losing money on your security deposit.  A little elbow grease will put money in your pocket!

  • Replace burner pans (where applicable)
  • Replace burnt out light bulbs
  • Change air filters
  • Replace damaged blinds
  • If you need to paint, contact the Matchbox office to ensure you are using the correct paint.
  • Leave it as clean as you found it! If you leave items behind, you will be charged for the removal and dump fees. This can add up very quick!


Remove all personal belongings and any trash from your Ice House apartment. Paying someone to clean, move what you left behind and take it to the dump is not cheap! You will be charged for this removal and can vary greatly depending on how much you clean and how much is left behind.

You too can be a participant in move out inspection!


All property keys must be provided at the time of inspection and all personal belongings must be out of your Ice House apartment plus all cleaning to be performed by tenant must be complete prior to an inspection. Once we complete the inspection, maintenance is usually not far behind!

Don't Throw Away, DONATE!!

Have stuff you don’t need any more or don’t want to move? Please remember there are several area businesses that will take gently used clothing, home furnishings and just about everything in between. Here is a list of some area businesses that will take your items; some may even pick them up for you!

  • Salvation Army Thrift Store
  • Mercy House Thrift Store
  • Blue Ridge Hospice



Return keys to the Leasing office at 238 East Water St.

Supply forwarding address for security deposit information.

If mailing keys, be sure to send them in a padded envelop and send them using certified mail to ensure they make it. Keys sent in a regular envelop usually rip the envelope when being processed by the post office and are lost in the mail. You are liable if your key does not make it to our office.

Security Deposits

Any disputes of security deposits must be made IN WRITING (email is acceptable) with the attention of your property manager, within 10 days of receiving the security deposit information

Will you get a deposit back or will you get a bill? Check out our Facebook Album to see some examples of how tenants left their unit and what they were charged for.


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