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For some tenants this might be the first time you have lived away from home. You may never have had to deal with a broken garbage disposal or changing an air filter. Even if this isn't your first place, becoming familiar with common maintenance issues could save you a lot of money in the long run. Please review this page and refer back to it anytime you have a maintenance problem in your apartment. You never know, pushing a button before entering a work issue online could save you some cash.



HE Detergents



Garbage Disposals

Mini Split Filters


Mini split filters are washable.  Be sure to check them monthly, if they seem to be dirty—turn off the power, remove the filter, wash them with warm water.  Let them dry in the shade before putting them back in your unit.

Ice House Mini Split

Trash & Recycling Chutes


The trash and recycling chutes will only accept what fits into it without being shoved.  Anything larger will have to be removed by you. Furniture, large boxes, Christmas trees, etc will be charged back to you if found sitting around the building.

HE Laundry Detergent


The HE washing machines included in all Ice House Apartments require High Efficiency laundry detergents. These machines use less water and energy, saving you money on your utility bills. Using detergents that are not labeled HE can damage the machines and require additional maintenance that will be charged to the tenant.




If you are experiencing issues with the water backing up in your dishwasher. It is likely due to the garbage disposal being backed up caused by dishes not being rinsed prior to going into the dishwasher. Please see the Garbage Disposal tab to remedy the issue. If the tips do not work, log on to your online account to create a service issue.


Dishwasher Detergents


It does not matter the brand, do not use liquid dish soap like Dawn or Joy that are intended for washing dishes in a sink rather than in a dishwasher. Again it also does not matter the brand, if you are using a liquid or powder dishwasher detergent be sure to follow recommended amount. Most area water tends to run a little on the hard side, so skimping on the detergent will only cost your more in the long run. Gel tabs are not recommended and can cause some small dishwashers to leak.

Garbage Disposal Troubleshooting


When having issues with your garbage disposal, please try these tips before placing a work order.

  1. Reset the garbage disposal.
  2. Loosen the blades using the wrenchette.
    1. Check the back of your disposal for a wrenchette. If it is not there, contact your Portfolio Manager.

Power Outages

If you experience any unexplained power outages, please check the GFI outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms (typically) and your breaker box before creating a service issue. Be sure not to put too many plugs in one area. All switches in the breaker box should be evenly aligned on one side. If there is one (or multiple) switch that is slightly not aligned, then flip the switch off (the opposite direction of the rest of the switches) and back on again. If that did not resolve your power issues, log onto your online account and create a service issue.



Magic Erasers


Light Bulbs

Water Shut Off


Leaks happen, most often they occur at a sink or toilet. If you have a water leak in your kitchen or bathroom, you can shut off the water going to your sinks or toilet. There is a knob under the sink or behind the toilet. Simply turn the knob to shut the water off (righty - tighty, lefty - loosey is usually correct). If your water is off, the toilet will not refill after flushing. It will only shut the water off to that sink or toilet. If you experience any small or large leaks, please create a service issue right away. If you have a large water leak, please shut off the water and contact our office immediately.


Preventing Pests


Many pests can find their way into your home when seasons change. It is usually easier to do a few things to make sure you are not attracting them than it is to get rid of them. Most important, make sure all stored food is in air-tight containers to keep from attracting them. Also frequently emptying your trash will help. Pests are a tenant responsibility and can often be solved with a trip to a hardware store to purchase a pest specific repellent. You can also check out our Pinterst board, Squeeky Clean, for more tips, tricks and ideas on how to keep these nuisances away.

Magic Erasers


Magic Erasers are wonderful cleaning tools, however some wall paint does not respond well to these erasers. Even if you have left your walls in good condition, once everything is removed from your unit, it is very clear the areas where the erasers were used. Over time the “erased” areas look dingy and shiny. These spots can not be wiped clean, and must be repainted and will be a tenant charge.




If you have painted any walls in your unit with approval from Mary, it is your responsibility to paint the walls back to the original color. Most of our paint comes from Shenandoah Paint on Neff Ave.  They have a list of many of our properties and the correct paint color and sheen. You can also contact our office or your Portfolio Manager to get the correct paint color and sheen.


Light Bulbs


Tenants are expected to replace any burnt out light bulbs in their units at the end of the lease. Please be sure to use the identical light bulbs as were in the fixtures at move in. If you have issues replacing light bulbs out of reach, please contact our office.


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